Cartooning as a main-stream career has changed enormously in the traditional sense of working for a newspaper, a magazine, or publishing a cartoon strip.  In case you hadn't noticed, it's become more difficult to get a fair price for your work.  These days, people want digital content, animation, things that amuse and move but that's where we can help you.










As one door closes, another one opens and professional cartoonists these days can look forward to new opportunities available through social media, visual story-telling, web comics, web animations and a million and one other platforms.


But if you can't generate ideas, or interpret a client's brief, you may as well pack it in.  That's why our teaching approach aims to up-skill you in the only area that counts, and that is how cartoonists generate ideas.  In case you hadn't noticed, the world is full of people who can draw like Leonardo DaVinci but what seems to be popular these days are simple drawing styles.  So we developed software that will help you generate ideas.  It's as simple as that, really.


Your tutor, Ian Dalkin, is a hard-working professional cartoonist with a love of strong coffee.